“Our website needs help. How do we start?” was the question we were asked before embarking upon a strategy engagement to define the desired online experience for NRDC. With a site whose content had far outgrown its original architecture, we wanted the organization to first take a critical look at its audiences and desired outcomes. We developed a strategy focused on incremental engagement targeted at several tiers of users.

Oh, where to begin? For NRDC, it was critical that the site’s deep and technical content be presented differently. Rather than its legacy presentation of immediately deep and vast content, our recommended approach showcased layers of the experience that would both allow the casual “environmentally curious” user to browse, learn, and engage…but also allow the “deep green” user to get quick access to NRDC’s deep and vast content. This approach included a restructuring and simplification of issues less aligned with NRDC programs and more closely aligned with popular perception and current search volumes.

We led a design charette by hiring a set of leading design firms and independent designers to create an initial array of comps which were then vetted by the core team. The leading design was selected form Free Range graphics who was then brought in to create the additional design assets for the site.

While implementation was paused with a leadership change and the original site user experience still remains, several of our primary recommendations were included in the take action approach in particular, including feature actions as opposed to a lengthy list, as well as the highlighting of recent victories for the organization to inspire users to engage.

When NRDC was ready to redevelop their internal intranet in Sharepoint, they looked to our team to lead the process. To ensure the end product was not only logical in user experience and structure but would be well adopted by staff, we developed a process for needs intake and requirements development. In partnership with the implementation vendor Northridge, we were able to ensure the solution was a win for the organization by making it a win for the users. Additionally, we developed and led the process by which select staff users were employed to conduct User Acceptance Testing for the end product, ensuring that users were pleased with the end system and that any remaining issues were mitigated efficiently with the development team.

With a longstanding relationship, NRDC turned to our team to fill critical staff roles when a key team member took maternity leave. Our team stepped up to fill the tasks of managing the organization’s Google Grant, as well as fulfilling analytics requests for the several month period.

In recent years as NRDC’s site has evolved, they return to us for online marketing support.  Our partnership with Werner Knows ensures as the content focus and design shifts over time, that SEO traction isn’t just maintained, it’s gained.

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