Digital Solution Evaluation

Be A Smart Shopper
There’s one thing that’s true about our work – we have been and will remain solution neutral. One of our core values is to help our clients find the right solution sets for their needs – and we recognize that no two clients are alike in that regard. Whether a content management, a constituent relationship management, or other solution set, we help our clients become savvy shoppers.

It’s Pretty, But I Don’t Even WANT a Sunroof.
Who walks onto a car lot and says “show me whatcha got!” without some forethought into what it is you are looking for? Maybe you need a people mover. Maybe you need to haul furniture or equipment. Maybe two seats and high speeds are your thing. Why would you treat a major investment for your organization any differently?

We work with our clients to first develop a clear sense of requirements for the solution(s) they need. This enables them to more effectively put out an RFP at a minimum, or ideally to work with us to then evaluate solutions/vendors across those requirements in an objective way to determine the leading solution for review. Having clear requirements and a clear (and proven) process for evaluation puts our clients – not the vendors they court – in the driver’s seat.