We’ve Got You Covered

Oftentimes clients have a hyper-defined need – for a new logo, for analytics support, for a team member who is planning an extended leave, for data migration, you name it. We work with the team in advance of the need and create a clear plan for the project and internal players. We’ve covered everything from Analytics team duties all the way to full on department directors for online.

On the flip side, sometimes staffing or services gaps aren’t predictable. Team turnover, reorgs, or other issues oftentimes leave organizations scrambling for resources. Our team’s work can alleviate the day-to-day needs while allowing the organization to re-hire and/or re-structure (or both!) to meet the evolving needs of the client team.

We work with a number of returning partner vendors to allow their teams to ebb and flow as client work dictates. Oftentimes, we may serve as a resource on a particularly prickly content or information architecture challenge. Other times, we may be brought in due to our experience with user surveying and testing. For still others, sometimes it’s as simple as our deep vertical knowledge and experience with certain organizations in the environmental, animal welfare, or justice arenas. In any case, we are a welcome addition to the team, working seamlessly with the lead vendor to ask the right questions at the right time to optimize audience engagement.

It’s no surprise that we see brand development a little differently. Our process has evolved to be one that doesn’t merely apply a design to your enterprise – but a process that works with you to elicit the right brand presence at the right time.

We don’t take notes, disappear, and come back with a design. The steps of our process ensure that your input and vision is captured at every step of the way – fusing with our brand best practices and guidance.

Creative Brief: After our initial kickoff workshop to explore your brand goals and vision, we’ll produce a creative brief including mood boards to explore various concepts for your potential brand. These are both incredibly fun and incredibly helpful in helping us triangulate on a certain personality for your brand.

Concepts: In partnership with Fennel Blythe, artist, we develop original sketch concepts for marks to be part of your brand. These are based upon the creative brief but bring to life visual concepts that again, allow us to hone in on the particular feel for your mark. We generally produce 4-6 primary concepts, and work with you to refine the leading concept.

Typesetting: While still in black and white mode, we pair the leading concept with font and typography treatments to produce takes on the full logo. These, like the concepts, generally contain 6-8 treatments that are then narrowed to a leading treatment for refinement.

Color Theory: At long last, we refer back to color palettes explored in the Creative Brief and treat the logo with various approaches which are narrowed to a final logo and palette.

Style Guide: Once complete, we produce a style guide with notes on logo use and misuse accompanied by RGB/Hexidecimal/Pantone color notes and any relevant design information to ensure best use of your new logo.

Clients often ask for our assistance in rolling out their new brand across print collateral, web, and social media usage. We delight in helping ensure that the new brand is used consistently and effectively across all channels.