HSUS – Animal Sheltering


Our goal – as always – was to first lead ASO through a strategic exercise to determine priority audiences and how to engage those folks with the organization.  We led a series of onsite workshops spending quality time with animal sheltering professionals to get a clear handle on just how broad (and in some cases similar) those content and engagement needs could be.  This ensured that the path to create a better content presentation would be on the mark with the goals overall.


The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Sheltering team has both the blessing and the curse of being within the digital authority of a larger organization.  The ASO site had longstanding challenges in architecture and content presentation, but also the larger HSUS presented guidelines for overall page structure and branding.  We developed a full content strategy, an overall site architecture and wireframes, and a new taxonomy-based rubric for delivering related content to allow the content to be disassociated with program structures and accessible from multiple user paths.  This approach ensured that target audiences would both find the content they were seeking, but also allow HSUS to push priority content and messaging.


We work with ASO on an ongoing basis to ensure that the site is growing as the organization’s priorities evolve over time. Through continued user intake surveys and user testing, we can interpret user behaviors and impressions to recommend the right path at the right time.

  • Ongoing
  • information architecture
  • user experience
  • wireframes
  • user testing
  • functional specification
  • project management
  • ongoing services
  • SEO

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